Tna trainning needs analysis

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Needs Analysis: How to determine training needs

The Training Needs Analysis (TNA) is an annual process, aligned with the budget cycle that provides an annual training programme and training budget. The TNA will consider acquisition and maintenance of skills for existing staff in roles (including new skill.

Needs analysis. Designing a training regimen should begin with an accurate assessment of what you do well and what needs improvement. Begin by documenting current.

The needs analysis is the starting point for all training. The primary objective of all training is to improve individual and organizational performance.

Establishing a needs analysis is, and should always be the first step of the training process. A Training Needs Analysis (TNA) is used to assess an organization’s training needs. The root of the TNA is the gap analysis.

This is an assessment of the gap between the knowledge, skills and attitudes that the people in the organization currently possess and the knowledge, skills and attitudes that they require to meet the organization’s.


A Training Needs Analysis consists of a series of activities conducted to identify or solve problems & to determine whether training is an appropriate solution. The assessment also called as the ‘training needs analysis’ is undertaken at three levels, the job, the individual and organisational analysis.

Once the training needs analysis is complete, the next stage is that of Development.

Tna trainning needs analysis
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