The need for humanitarian intervention in

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The Humanitarian Catastrophe In IDP Camps: Need for Urgent Intervention, By Ademola Adesola

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War in Iraq: Not a Humanitarian Intervention

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Humanitarian interventions cannot and should not be successful to every case, however. From humanitarian intervention to the responsibility to protect () The expression "responsibility to protect" was first presented in the report of the International Commission on Intervention and State Sovereignty (ICISS), set up by the Canadian Government in December The Dilemma of Humanitarian Intervention.

Global support for the "responsibility to protect" doctrine weakened after the UN-endorsed no-fly zone that helped topple Libya’s regime, and debate.

1 Smith: The Need for Humanitarian Intervention in Central Africa Published by Digital Commons @ American University Washington College of Law, Humanitarian Catastrophe In IDP Camps: Need for Urgent Intervention, By Ademola Adesola November 25, Omoniyi Osadare Editorial, Issues/Policy 0 Among the myriad of conflicts relentlessly decimating lives in many states across the Federal Republic of Nigeria, two in the Northern region of the country stand out like a festering sore thumb.

Humanitarian Crisis in Yemen Heightens Intervention Need, Ex-Aid Chief Says. Fighting in the port city of Hodeida is underscoring the need for international intervention, aid experts say. The Crisis of Humanitarian Intervention.

Humanitarian intervention

Humanitarian intervention in Libya and elsewhere has led to an intensification of human rights violations, the erosion of the UN’s authority, and the expansion of the reach of great powers.

The need for humanitarian intervention in
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