Ptlls setting ground rules

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Extraordinary Team Ground Rules

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Setting ground rules

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Ground rules

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Other aspects that are emphasized in Ptlls programs include the approaches for establishing ground rules with the learners as well as normative assumptions about suitable behaviour and. Cisco Spark Meeting Notes.

Setting the ground rules ourselves is also an important part of the sessions. I think you respect rules alot more when they are your expectations, also other people who imput to the ground rules will also police them, so theres less pressure on the lecture.

Assignment 1 Ptlls, Level 4

Establishing Ground rules. It is important to establish ground rules at the first session BEFORE there is an issue, such as late arrivals and mobile phones ringing.

If you make the rule to turn phones on silent AFTER a phone has gone off it can look as though you are picking on that person.

Recognise the various steps of the Setting Ground Rules process Develop a set of ground rules for your team/organisation Please note – This is a full set of 1 Hour Training Bubble materials provided free to showcase the product range.

Use students’ suggestions to draft a set of ground rules to which you all agree, and distribute them in writing. 6. Periodically, ask the class to reflect on whether the ground rules established at the beginning of the semester are working, and make adjustments as necessary.

Ptlls setting ground rules
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