My favourite photograph

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My Favourite Photographer: My Father

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last!autumn!when!I!was!in!Bocairent!with!my!boy!friend!(“boy!friend”!means!“I!have!a! friend who is a! boy”.

My favourite photograph by author Edwina Currie

The expression for “partner”! is written with only one word: Microsoft Word - Writing 2 - Basic 2 - Created Date. After looking at the photograph I remembered that my niece was crying a lot and my sister was giving her to the maid, but as I decided to hold her in my arms she got happy and smiled and that was the moment when the photograph was taken.

If I have to choose one - and it is pretty hard - I would say that this is my favorite photo, so far. I took it last spring. I had just moved from Italy, my country, to England, and I felt I had so much to explore of the new life, but also so much to feel melancholic about.

My top ten favorite photos from For me, has been a year of transition in photography. A house move and the arrival of a baby has kept me occupied with non-photography stuff.

My Favorite Photos. likes. Beauty is in everything around us, whether it's travel, backyard nature, or your favorite plants and creatures. We hope. Nov 15,  · “One of my favourite photos is this one of my husband James and my son Peter. I took it last summer in Menorca (Spain), when we were on holiday.

We were at a place called “Cala Mitjana”.

My favourite photograph
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my favorite photos