Leaders we need now

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A Life-changing Leadership Event

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Young people are not the leaders of tomorrow, but the leaders we need right now

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September 11 attacks

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September 11 attacks

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7 Common Mistakes New Leaders Make (and How to Avoid Them)

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I hope you find it informative and you see how rapidly we are moving forward to provide every student with an. Official page of national FBLA-PBL. FBLA-PBL prepares students for careers in business & is the largest business student organization in the world. As leaders, we are called to shift paradigms, drive progress, develop talent, and generally make things better for our companies and those we lead.

If you’re still. Mr Bantu Holomisa, MPUDM President Dear Mr President This matter has reference. The United Democratic Movement is very concerned that there is no movement in terms of the appointment of the Public Investment Corporation (PIC) commission of inquiry.

One Young World provides an important opportunity for youth leaders to join forces, make global connections, learn from one another and collaborate to create change.

Together, we can realize our collective power,” said Vibha Venkatesha.

Leaders we need now
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