Issue of foreigners in singapore

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Stricter rules for Employment Pass approval

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Jobs in the marketing industry in Singapore are particularly fiercely contested, given the popularity of media and advertising, without any added competition from “ang mohs”.

Immigration to Singapore

Singapore News -The Manpower Ministry is adopting a stick-and-carrot approach in dealing with the issue of hiring foreign professionals.

Read more at It’s not obvious without some time spent in Singapore to even realize there are social issues here, but as in any place it’s not perfect here.

Having said that, we do not have racial riots, or large numbers of people addicted to drugs, or a high crime rate. Foreigners, in particular, foreign students have both positive and negative social impact on Singapore, in terms of education.

Singapore has used the tagline " Singapore: The Global Schoolhouse," opening its doors to international students from countries like the People’s Republic of China, India and Malaysia.

SINGAPORE - Immigration is likely to be a hot button issue in the general election campaign, some political observers said yesterday, after news broke that Nomination Day will be Sept 1 and Polling Day, Sept Singapore Management University law don Eugene Tan said the influx of foreigners into Singapore is the "mother of all issues".

7 Issues That Will Inevitably Be Debated In The Coming Singapore General Elections 0. By Cristian Lim on 23/06/ General Elections the opposition parties will be happy to pounce on the issue of foreign immigrants to score points against the PAP.

Singapore under the rule of the PAP does not have a good freedom of speech record.

I’m a foreign worker in Singapore. Where can I seek help? Issue of foreigners in singapore
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