Health needs of migrant women

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Women's Health

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Women's use of health services varies by ethnic/racial group, age, health needs, socioeconomic and cultural factors, and technological, linguistic, and migratory factors, among others. Levels of health insurance coverage in the United States are related to processes of socioeconomic integration that also vary by ethnicity/race and migratory status.

Meeting the Health Needs of Migrant Workers Affected by the Tsunami

Although our knowledge about the relationship between migration and women’s health is increasing, we still have limited understanding about the effects of migration on the health of women of reproductive age. The aim of this article is to elucidate the health needs of. The health issues that face migrant and other mobile underserved populations are similar to those faced by the general population but are often magnified or compounded by their migratory lifestyle.

En-route health needs. please see the Trafficking tab on our Women’s Health page. minimum standards of health care for all vulnerable migrant groups (particularly women, children, undocumented or irregular migrants, asylum seekers, refugees and victims of human trafficking); and publicizing existing services.

Migrant Health Issues

To achieve health equity and improve the mental health of immigrant women, national governments of host societies should provide appropriate funding and resources to support newcomers such as job training programs and migrant friendly services by strengthening mental health professionals’ capacity and multisector partnerships.

Health needs of migrant women
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