Ernst von mansfeld thirty years war

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Ernst von Mansfeld

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Ernst Von Mansfeld Thirty Years' War

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Thirty Years' War

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Thirty Years’ War: Ernst von Mansfeld Ernst von Mansfeld was a German military commander in the Thirty Years War. Although he fought for the Protestant cause, Mansfeld was a Roman Catholic.

Ernst Von Mansfeld Thirty Years

German mercenary and military commander during the early years of the Thirty Years’ War (–). Peter Ernst Mansfeld was the illegitimate son of Graf (Count) Peter Ernst I, Prince von Mansfeld, imperial governor of Luxembourg.

Although Emperor Rudolf II (r. –) legitimized the. Ernst von Mansfeld Christian of Also Won By the Sword: A Story of the Thirty Years' War; Gertrud von Le Fort's historical novel Die Magdeburgische Hochzeit is a fictional account of romantic and political intrigue during the.

Ernst, count von Mansfeld, in full Peter Ernst, count von Mansfeld, (bornLuxembourg—died Nov. 29,Rakovica, near Sarajevo, Bosnia), Roman Catholic mercenary who fought for the Protestant cause during the Thirty Years’ War (–48); he was the Catholic League’s most dangerous opponent until his death in Ernst von Mansfeld was a German military commander in the Thirty Years War.

Although he fought for the Protestant cause, Mansfeld was a Roman Catholic. He was considered one of the most dangerous opponent of the Catholic League. This list displays the battles Ernst von Mansfeld fought in alphabetically, but the battles/military engagements contain information such as where the battle was fought and who else was involved.

List items include Siege of Breda, Thirty Years' War and many additional items as well.

Ernst von mansfeld thirty years war
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