Does marketing creates or satify needs

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Can marketers create needs? If yes, then how is it done?

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What is a Customer Need?

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It creates and satisfies needs of customers. Marketers must use the marketing development’s term to create needs. They must learn how to change in knowledge, behavior, attitudes, or creativity. In my opinion, marketing does both, because it satisfies and creates customers’ needs at the same time.

Marketing always has an impact on our interests. The essence of the marketing system is revealed through a set of socio-economic categories. Needs are basic human needs like hunger, thirst shelter.

A need of hunger can be fulfilled by wanting different items like a burger or a pizza or something else. Marketers can fulfill the needs by.

Marketing is an ongoing activity that does not stop, continuously obtaining needs that define a state of felt deprivation and wants that defines what is need.

Does marketing create need or satisfy need or manipulate need 1. Does Marketing Create need or Satisfy Need or manipulate need?“The real journey of discovery consists not in seeing new landscapes, but in having new eyes.” -Marcel ProustThe traditional concept of marketing was only about sales or meeting the “current needs” of aconsumerExample:Mac Books or laptops are such a common.

 Does marketing create or satisfy needs? Take a position, marketing shapes or merely reflects needs and wants of consumer? When we talk about marketing, there are lot things that we should know cerrajeriahnosestrada.coming is activities of creating value that desired by the potential buyers and receiving value from the potential buyers for the value that they have received.

Does marketing creates or satify needs
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