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State Advocacy Manager, State Consumer Health Advocacy Program

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Suicide Prevention Saves Lives

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Patient Advocacy

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Competing health needs of diverse populations and ever shrinking resources available to support these needs often serve as the impetus for the initiation of advocacy efforts to improve community.

Community Advocacy Project. Program and Practice Profiles: Community Advocacy Project at the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, engaged in a two–pronged approach. First, evidence was The community practices and programs profiled have.

Patient Advocacy Sunshine Care Connections is the name of the Care Coordination program at Sunshine Community Health Center, both at the Talkeetna and Willow sites. Sometimes we have only brief contact and make just a few phone calls to help someone. The Community Advocacy Program (CAP) is a successful initiative of the Center for Community Health Education, Research, and Service (CCHERS), Inc., a not-for-profit incorporated partnership.

CAP is a partnership of community health centers providing free and confidential domestic violence services for health center clients and community residents.

Community Health Nursing: Advocacy for Population Health, 5th Edition

Community Health Advocates (CHA) is an innovative resource that helps New Yorkers navigate the complex health care system by providing individual assistance and educational presentations to underserved communities throughout New York State. Community Health Worker Nutrition Advocacy Tool Country Profiles Highlight How Nutrition Services Can Be Strengthened Community health workers (CHW) play a critical role in delivering evidence-based, cost-effective interventions that can improve nutrition outcomes.

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